Providing In-Depth Wellness Exams for Dogs and Cats in Henderson, NV

Wellness exams are a key component in your pet’s health care regimen and can help prevent the onset of diseases that are persistent and difficult to treat. At Sunridge Animal Hospital in Henderson, NV, our love for animals runs deep, and we want to support you and help you make all the right choices regarding your pet’s well-being. Annual physical exams, vaccinations, blood tests, and other services are essential to your pet’s longevity and quality of life, and they give us the chance to check in with you and develop a stronger bond with you and your pet.

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The Different Aspects of a Cat or Dog Wellness Exam

There are a few different things that make up the wellness exam. The goal is to evaluate your pet from head to toe to make an assessment of their health, and find out whether they have any existing issues we need to address.

Performing a physical examination

This part is straightforward--your veterinarian conducts a nose-to-tail examination of your pet, checking all over for lumps, bumps, discoloration, abnormal swelling, and other physical irregularities. Your vet will make note of their findings and, if necessary, recommend possible next steps to address any problems.

Administering vaccinations

Cat and dog vaccinations are part and parcel of disease prevention and immunity building in pets. Your veterinarian will explain our vaccines to you and help you figure out which ones your companion needs for optimal protection, and how frequently they will need them.

Running laboratory tests

Like us, our canine and feline family members need routine lab work so we can be sure they’re staying healthy. We often recommend annual blood and fecal testing to screen for issues such as parasites and various diseases like giardia and parvo, but our lab also allows us to run urine tests and skin cytologies. With our in-house laboratory, we can catch many problems that a general physical exam cannot.

Offering nutrition recommendations.

We can’t stress the importance of your pet’s diet enough. Every dog and cat needs a diet that meets all of their nutritional needs so they remain energetic, active, and at an optimal weight. Also, age plays an important role in determining diet. For example, puppies and kittens need lots of protein to help them grow, but adult and senior pets have different needs.

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Why Annual Cat and Dog Exams are Important In Henderson NV

Because our pets age so quickly, their health is also prone to rapid change and needs to be monitored regularly. Also, animals tend to conceal pain and illness, making them difficult for pet parents to detect on their own. Bringing in your pet to see their veterinarian at least once a year makes it easier for our veterinary team to catch infections, illnesses, and other problems in their infancy when they’re easier to treat. Preventing illness or treating it early is both cost-effective and highly beneficial to your pet’s health and well-being.