Pet Insurance

Are you trying to decide whether it is worth it to purchase health insurance for your pet? With so many pet insurance companies and even more policies to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate. At Sunridge Animal Hospital, we partner with Trupanion. While there are many other pet insurance companies out there, we have found that Trupanion offers the support, the coverage, and the convenience that many of our clients desire.

While Trupanion makes the claims process quick and simple for the staff at Sunridge, we are ready and willing to help answer any questions or file any claims regardless of the insurance company.

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Research Pet Insurance Providers and Policies

Pet insurance companies offer different plans and policies, which are designed to fit varying budgets and circumstances. Read through their terms carefully to see what their plans do and do not cover – some insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions and congenital issues, while others do not. Similarly, some plans cover routine care while others only cover emergencies. We recommend that you speak with a representative and read over specifics in order to make the best choice for you and your pet family.

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Where to Start Looking

Here are a few well-known pet insurance companies that will help you in your efforts to find the right fit!



ASPCA Pet Insurance